I’ve always hated writing “About Me’s”. Like what can I say about myself that people will find interesting? That I’m super tall and skinny? That I’m 22? Or that I’d rather be in bed watching Netflix and Youtube vs. going out to a party? So here’s to writing an intro of the purpose of this blog :). Down the line of my blogs, you’ll gradually learn “About Me” as I post.

This blog is to share my interest of what I adore and enjoy doing (Make-up, Youtube video’s, Hauls, Tutorials, Beauty & Fashion etc), with a little bit of lifestyle and a peek into my life. I love reading other peoples blog’s and not because I’m nosey ;)! I love being inspired and also taking what inspired me and making it my own!

This blog is to track my journey and also to help others while doing what I love. I want all of you guys to be apart of the family! Stick around, lets chat in the comments and interact!

“In the end, we only REGRET the chances we didn’t take”- Anon